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Thursday, 13 February 2020 11:16

Disclosure challenge leads to acquittal

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Defendant charged with 7 others with a large scale supply of heroin and Crack cocaine.  

He was alleged to have been part of a ‘county lines’ set up.  The conspiracy stretched between Croydon and Portsmouth.   The investigation involved a largely phone interrogation resulting in excess of 37,000 pages of evidence.   The defendant denied being involved in any drugs supply asserting that he was in fact a class A drug user and his involvement was for him to purchase his own drugs.  The trial was listed for 6 weeks.  Various issues arose during the trial with disclosure in that we were not satisfied the disclosure in relation to our client.  Following further jury problems and problems with other defendants the jury was ultimately discharged and the matter set for retrial.  The prosecution however were persuaded to drop the proceedings against our client and a not guilty verdict was recorded.

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