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Friday, 15 November 2019 10:00

First prisons get tough new security measures

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Seven jails are set to receive new equipment to tackle the smuggling of drugs, phones and weapons behind bars, as efforts to make our prisons safer gather pace.

Berwyn, Bristol, Hewell, Lancaster Farms, Leeds, Liverpool and Norwich jails are the first to benefit from the Government’s recently announced £100 million investment in prison security – with the measures set to be introduced in other prisons across the estate. Tough airport-style security, including X-ray baggage and metal detection equipment, will step-up searching of visitors and staff on entry to jails, enforced by specially-trained officers. This is part of a wider package of measures including X-ray body scanners for offenders and drug-detection kits to identify and deter attempts to smuggle narcotics, such as Spice, through prisoner mail. Alongside strengthening security at the prison gate and reception, the £100 million investment includes a new digital forensics facility, expanded digital investigations team and phone-blocking technology to clampdown on the organised crime behind bars that drives violence and self-harm.

For full article https://crimeline.co.uk/first-prisons-get-tough-new-security-measures/

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