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Tuesday, 24 September 2019 12:14

Forensic examination of Computer Evidence is essential.

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Wessex Solicitors have a proven record of successfully defending such allegations with the assistance of forensic experts.

Users of websites that contain indecent images can be traced by a variety of means – from the credit card details of subscribers to online porn providers (Operation Ore) or reports made by work colleagues, friends or computer repair engineers to the police. In some cases images are discovered when phones or laptops are seized by the police in unrelated investigations.

Initially the police may obtain a warrant to search your home or office. All computer and digital storage equipment will likely be seized and sent for forensic interrogation at a specialist police High Tech Crime Unit lab. Analysis of this equipment can take many months which often places those suspected under great strain.

At this stage it is important that a specialist defence lawyer is instructed, not just to protect your rights but also to advise on what can be done to protect your reputation.

It is vital that prosecution evidence is re-examined and tested. Expert defence teams should be instructed at the outset.

Problems for the Prosecution can arise as many accused are not even aware that they have downloaded indecent images. For example, “thumbnails” of indecent images can appear at the bottom of the screen when the user is looking at adult pornography online or virus and Trojan programs can be configured to download indecent material without the knowledge of the owner of technology.

If you are arrested for such an offence seek expert advice immediately. Call us on 02392 381114.

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