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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 11:53

National register for those convicted of domestic abuse or stalking

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A cross party parliamentary report has proposed that people convicted of domestic abuse or stalking should be forced to sign a National register providing the same monitoring arrangements as those convicted of sexual offences.

If such legislation were to be passed those convicted of such offences would have to register with the police within 72 hours of being convicted or cautioned and would have to notify police officers if they intended to move house or travel abroad. Under the proposals such individuals would be managed through the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) which is currently used to manage violent and sexual offenders. Further detail has suggested that registration would affect those who have been convicted and those who have offended on two occasions against two separate women. Further recommendations include the Government introducing paid “Domestic Abuse Leaders” to allow complainants to keep their jobs and maintain economic independence whilst addressing abuse.

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