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Monday, 29 October 2018 12:14

Outgoing CPS warns of strain on the criminal justice system

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Prosecutors and police are failing to investigate thousands of cases including fraud, rape and modern slavery efficiently because the required skills and resources are critically low, the outgoing director of public prosecutions has said in a newspaper interview that has sparked widespread anger.

Saunders: 'Who is making the plans?'

Alison Saunders, who steps down as Crown Prosecution Service chief on Wednesday, told the Observer that many fraud cases are being ignored 'because it takes time and a skilled investigator'. The criminal justice system is also struggling to cope with an explosion of data being generated by technology. In some cases, Saunders said, downloads of online data take six to eight months to review. In one recent rape case, police spent 600 hours going through the digital material.

The outgoing DPP said the system needed more resources nationally, 'in capacity of forces and in future-proofing it. Who is making the plans for what is going to happen in five years' time?'

Asked if the criminal justice system is failing, she said: 'It's really creaking.'

Saunders said she felt bruised by her five-year tenure, telling the newspaper that despite losing a third of her workforce as a result of funding cuts, she was proud that 'morale in the service is demonstrably better' than when she took charge in 2013.


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