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Tuesday, 11 February 2020 09:57

Proper investigation leads to acquittal

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Defendant charged with benefit fraud on the basis of an undeclared asset in the form of joint ownership of a property.  The Crown alleged the Defendant was not entitled to benefits over a period of 18/04/11 to 03/06/18 which has led to a chargeable overpayment of £39,761.75.  

The investigation identified that the defendant had been the joint owner of property. The defendant during interview denied that she owned any property and stated that her name being on the title deed must be a mistake in that she has attended appointments as signatory witness on many occasions with the true owner.  The matter proceeded to trial.  Further investigation by Wessex Solicitors determined that the property in question was purchased, amongst others by the true owner in 1995.  In or around 2010 the true owner and/or her advisors provided documentary disclosure to HMRC during their investigation and in furtherance of the settlement the properties were re-mortgaged.  The results of Wessex Solicitors investigation was that there was no financial benefit to defendant whatsoever and that the transfer was completed in error. Another not guilty! 

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