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I have been released under investigation and given a date to answer bail. What happens now?


There are 3 possible outcomes;

1. The police have 28 days to charge you with an offence. If you are to be charged this will usually happen on the date you answer bail. 

2. The police can extend the 28 days to 3 months before they make a decision. After the 3 months, they must go to court and make an application to a judge for a further bail period.

3. The police may decide to take no further action. The police will either notify your solicitor before the 28 days expire or on the day you answer bail. 

What does no further action mean?

This means that based on the evidence at the present time, the police do not have sufficient evidence for a charge, and they are not going to actively look for anymore. Should evidence come to light however, the police may decide to re-open the case.

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