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Monday, 01 July 2019 12:36

Stop faffing about calls the judge

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Scenes* here at Swansea Crown,’ tweeted Dan Evans – aka @EvansTheCrime, crime correspondent the of South Wales Evening Post. 

Apparently, the local police had been dragged before the judge to explain why a straightforward burglary – ‘defendant’s blood and fingerprints found at the scene, and where he was was seen selling the copper piping he stole’ – had taken almost two years to find its way to court. The judge called the delay ‘disgraceful’ but typical, Evans noted in a thread that is well worth a read. ‘People are going to be held more to account if these delays continue,’ the judge threatened. If the defendant (‘a prolific burglar’) had come to court in late 2017 ‘as he should have been’ (according to the judge), then he would have gone down instead he had received a 12-month community sentence. The robbery had been committed in July 2017 and the police had all ‘the necessary forensic evidence’ by the end of that summer. ‘His Honour suggests that “You don’t need to be Miss Marple” to solve the case…,’ Evans recounted. ‘His Honour says that “time and time again” the courts see cases that are taking far too long to come before them, and that there “has to be more urgency”. To use a phrase the judge says you won’t find in any legal text books, he says people need to stop “faffing around”.’ Secret Barrister attempted to draw the thread to the attention of the Tory leader candidates prior to Wednesday’s televised debate. ‘Do any of you have any proposals on how to fix our broken criminal justice system? Is this a concern to any of you?’ SB wanted to know. Judging by the lack of response, apparently not. One of the contenders for PM was having an (arguably) progressive impact on the criminal justice.  ‘This morning a Judge at #InnerLondonCC gave my client a 12 month conditional discharge for possessing a tiny amount of cocaine, observing that, “He should suffer no more for dabbling in cocaine than should a former Lord Chancellor”,’ tweeted barrister Tim Kiely.  The Law Society Gazette noted that another of the now rejected candidates, Dominic Raab could have been UK’s second solicitor prime minister after David Lloyd George. Not that that distinction earned him much kudos in the solicitors’ august publication of record. Fellow lawyer Ed Hayes suggested Raab was ‘every self-satisfied magic circle trainee every other lawyer has ever dealt with’, adding that the debate was ‘basically him boasting on a Friday night in the Pitcher and Piano about the latest deal he’s done the photocopying on’.
For full article https://crimeline.co.uk/crimeline-news/page/2/

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